Colour Mirror


ColourMirror is an accompanying project to the exhibition In the Mood for Colours at the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest. The interactive installation is a fun way of matching up visitors’ own colour schemes with the spectacular colours of the exhibits. The digital Colour Mirror reflects how colourfully visitors are dressed.


The Mirror scans your clothes and produces the matching colour palette. Then it finds the object in the exhibition with the most similar colours, and assembles a picture that you can send to yourself. It also collates data from other visitors to produce visualizations showing the colours most typical of the public during a particular period, and who was the most colourful visitor.

Digital Curator: Zsófia Ruttkay
Concept, visual design, programming: Bence Samu, Ágoston Nagy, Gábor Papp (xorxor), Zoltán Csík-Kovács (xorxor), Gáspár Hajdu(xorxor)
Assistance: Borbála Papp

© 2020 Samu Bence